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Mildly worrisome find

So I took my 4 year old into work with me today to change the oil in my wife’s Saab 9-7x (AKA a trailblazer with a non hideous interior). When I popped the oil filler cap I found this:

Visions of blown head gaskets danced in my head. A quick look at the dipstick calmed me down a bit, as the oil looked normal. Once drained, I poured it into a semi clear jug:


Looked like normal dirty oil. Full disclosure, this oil change may have been over due. I usually change oil every 5k miles. Full synthetic with a good Wix filter. This one may have gotten closer to 8-9k miles. The coolant reservoir is completely full and clean looking. No white smoke that I’m aware of. But this is clearly some moisture in the system. Hopefully just the weather going from freezing cold to 50s every other week, combined with neglecting the oil.


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