It's been awhile since I made a GLI-Related post, so here goes. This is general GLI stuffs, and a bit more than that as well!

So, the GLI. It's officially done over 1000 miles on the chipped engine, and it's running like a champ. Besides that, I've decided that a TCS switch is needed by the end of this month, and will install one ASAP.

(Pictured: Lil' Red chillin with it's grey brethren in a restaurant parking lot)

Besides that, not much else to report on the car besides a few neat things I just found out about! The first one being the versatility of it's trip computer!


(Pictured: Much Metric. Very Canada. Wow.)

I didn't know you could reset the computer to read kilometrage in KM's! also, the L/100km is very useful in figuring out how efficient my car is by Serbian standards!

The other big news is this: After driving my GLI 3 days ago, my stepdad decided to surprise me....
By tuning his GTI!!! :D


(Pictured: the VERY quick GTI my stepdad posses)

yep, that little GTI is the 2nd Stage1 car in the family, and unlike my GLI, when you turn the TCS off, it rips down the road!!! driving it was such a thrill, since it has all the perks of the GLI, and more!


So yeah, that's the recap on my car, and other stuff. hope y'all had fun reading!