I’m sure this question has been asked, answered, and beaten to death. But, I haven’t found it with (very little) searching :p So:

Assuming same car model, and pretty much all other things equal, would you buy the 2014 with ~10,000mi or the 2017 with ~30,000 mi? Why?

Also assume you’re buying from a dealership so you don’t really know what type of owner came before you...

Red buffer Cayman

Now, to my mind, it would seem that the newer car was driven as a commuter which would be relatively safe for 30,000 miles. However, I would want to make sure the 30,000 mi checkup was done prior to purchase. I like low miles, and I bought my current car a year old with 9K, but my car before that started at 40k so I’m not opposed to some patina.


On the other hand, the older car with low miles was probably garaged, maybe tracked, and maybe sat for winters. I feel like the track/winter stuff could be bad... but it was still likely taken care of to a high degree. I’m leaning towards the newer car with higher miles.