Last week, the GLI finally hit the big one, 60k miles! it took me 2 years and 3 months to get there, from when i bought her with 23k miles in the summer of 2014. it also marks 5,000 miles with all the modifications on the car.

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Overall, the car is still awesome. it is still very comfortable for my now 25 mile round trip commute to school, and it makes the power with it’s new turbo safely and reliably. the only gripe i have is it has an intermittent high rpm missfire at full throttle that I’ve yet to figure out, but that doesn’t really affect daily usability, so therefore it’s fine.


Honestly, i never thought I’d have it for this long in the first place, i was going to sell ot and get an E90 335i or E46 M3, but I’m kind of glad i didn’t. it’s a great car.

I’m treating it to a set of LED headlights, and maybe even some new coilovers for this milestone!

Illustration for article titled Milestone with the GLI

Pic with a friends lexus for your time

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