My TSX just rolled over 195,000, which means I’ve put 7500 miles on it since I bought it in June (although I only put ~150 miles on it the first month). Just some notes and random thoughts about it below:

  • Surprisingly good on the highway, considering the larger wheels (with little sidewall) and the stiffer suspension. In fact, the highway is where I’ve racked up a large majority of those miles.
  • My average fuel economy has been about 24 mpg, which is decent since I drive a good mix of city and highway. Best tank was 28 mpg (almost entirely highway), worst was 19 (mostly hooning and city driving on new tires).
  • So far the only expenses have been tires, gas, and insurance. No problems at all (knock on wood). $425 for BFGoodrich g-Force Comp-2 A/S tires, $20.16 for a patch when one got a hole, [redacted] for insurance, ~$935 on gas, and $4000.13 for the car. It costs approximately $0.40/mile.
  • I’m only 400 miles away from putting on more miles than the 1st owner.
  • I still need to fix the headliner, it’s falling down in the back.
  • While 400+ hp is fun, 200 hp is plenty. It won’t get you in too much trouble but the engine is a real gem.
  • I wish it didn’t have a radio that’s built in with the dash trim, I’d love to upgrade to something with Bluetooth (and maybe even Apple CarPlay) but the only custom surround I see is ridiculously expensive ($300).


Also I just noticed, I’ve put a little over 1000 miles on it in 22 days.

January 3