So I was at work today, and since it was a rather slow day in the shop, since there were only 2 cars present that I was currently working on, by that I mean, I was standing around, debating existential questions with myself about the reality of a automotive technician, because really, do we as humans use the vehicles at our disposal to get to places and accomplish tasks while completely taking the means to do so for absolute granted, or are we just Geppetto's creations, that are getting their metaphorical strings pulled to spring these means, namely cars, to life, while at the same time lying to ourselves about the amount of control we posses of our own lives.

But I digress, really I was just waiting for parts to show up. I decided to fire up the ol' internet machine full of vacuum tubes and Nixie tube displays, which by the way I think are actually rather elegant looking apparatuses. I, for one, definitely want to acquire one and proudly present it in a very conspicuous location as to prevent any damage to such a prized future possession.

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and by that I mean Milk Music on my not so new anymore, but still almost completely, definitely maybe, functional Samsung Galaxy S3. Truth be told, I did rather dunk the phone in the hot tub once, surprisingly the only thing that fails to boot up the is what we used to perceive as a method to peer into somebody's soul, to explore the depths of their mind and entangle the moment in digital ephemera.

Also a quick mental asterisk, are pictures stored on our phones, and scrapbooks really there, or are they simply subconscious browser bookmarks, that serve as a instant guide to that particular moment in time?

What surprised me was that even thought the service is rather similar to iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify, and even though it remains free and commercial free for the time being at least, there have been reports already of the service switching to the paid model in the upcoming version iterations, is that on this particular day, and a precise IP address: everything seemed to have lined up like the Archer launch sequence, and only the songs from my Favorite list have been selected to perform, as if only by some anonymous benevolent benefactor bent on bravely biasing my bearings towards escalatingly better choices in music, that hides in strange places on your devices and likes to trick you into believing it isnt there, while casually announcing it's presence by that certain familiar feeling of a warm discharging battery. Not only that, it also introduced me to a particular little jingle that has been rattling around the grey swirls for a few hours on end now, without showing any significant sings of letting up. And even though a quick look down into the FAceTube description quickly points to a rather geriatric age, especially in terms of internet sensations or changing human tastes as far as genres and perception goes, I have been completely unaware of it's existence.

P.S.: here is another one, of the more recent flavour, discovered quite literally minutes ago on Facebook.


Anywho, thanks for reading, this was really just ramblings, comments and suggestions welcome. In the meantime I'll go back to watching Top Gear, patiently waiting for Spanish grand prix, and quoting Archer at inappropriate moments in awkward conversations.

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