Got a resonated Milltek exhaust for the Mk5 R32. Sounds the same as OEM in terms of volume. It’s a bit deeper in tone and under load sounds much better - eliminates that VR6 raspy tone at high rpms. Looks beautiful. I’m pretty happy with it because it’s a daily driver.

Double walled 4 inch tips; perfectly flush placement. Beautiful because I hate it when aftermarket tips stick out past the valance. Resonator does its job. Muffler is oddly welded - you can see the lines where it looks like it was extended or something. Not the cleanest welds, but at least the materials are good quality.


One complaint about this whole deal. Look at the OEM catback. Hard to make out, but the hanger just past the tip is welded on the right and opens on the left. For some damned reason, Milltek did the opposite. Which made it neigh on impossible to install. Had to use 2 people and a fat mallet. Couldn’t just install it with the hanger and the mount. had to slide it all on... turned a 15 minute install into a 45 minute install.

I like the clamps that come with this exhaust. Low profile, easy to install.

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