This is a game I came up with one day at a outdoor cookout about 10 years ago. We were bored and drunk focused enough to take it very seriously that day.

If you do choose to play this game, McMike and Oppositelock recommend that you practice safe BB gun habits. (PDF)

Safe BB Gun Handling:

  1. I will always keep my gun muzzle pointed in a safe direction—I will never point it at a person
  2. I will always keep my finger outside of the trigger guard until I start to aim at a target
  3. I will never hold a BB gun and a beer at the same time.
  4. I will never cock or load a BB gun any-where except on the firing line after a Range Officer commands LOAD
  5. I will never attempt to fire a BB gun except on the firing line after a Range Officer commands START
  6. After I fire my last shot, I will put my BB gun on half-cock and ground it
Photo credit - McMike

Ages: 21+

Players: 6

How to play:

Set up six beer cans (one unopened, five empty) side-by-side 4" apart about 20' down range. The location of the unopened can should be unknown to the rest of the players.


Once set up, players take turns one at a time shooting the cans. The player who set up the cans (and knows the location of the full can) goes first. If a player fails to hit any can, they may shoot again.

Object of the game: To not be the one who shoots the full can. When the full can is hit, the round is over.

Full can kill shot - credit: YouTube


When the player shoots the unopened can, he (or she) has to:

  • Grab another beer from the cooler.
  • Run up and drink the remainder of the can that was just shot.
  • Set up the cans again, and choose the position of the new full can.
  • Return to the firing line, and takes the next shot



The game can easily be adjusted for more players by adding empty cans to raise the total of cans equal to the number of players.


Set up the cans at a height so the players can not see the tops of the cans. Sometimes removing all the pull-tops from all the cans will help conceal the full can.

The 20' distance is a suggested starting point. Choose a distance that will allow every player to hit their target. Placing the cans too far out of the average player’s effective range can really slow the game down.

FPS is not important. As long as the BB/pellet is able to pass through the cans, that’s all that is required. If using a pump air rifle, set a maximum number of pumps per shot, and stick to it.

Using the same branded beverage for the cans is advisable so all targets look the same.

After a round or two, empty cans will eventually start showing use, so It is also recommended that many empty cans of this brand are already on hand. The method of emptying these cans are up to the host.

Have a great summer!