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Mini Dead Dash. HALP. (Update 2)

Update: so it’s not a fuse. It appears to be a CANbus issue, according to the code reader (p1612). Also, as soon as you plug in the reader everything works perfectly. Edit 2: when you pull the key out, the brake lights come on, including the center brake light.

The plot thickens.

Hello oppos, my mom’s 06 Mini turbo s convertible dash is dead. The tach, speedo, all the gages, all the dash lights, the little screen and the convertible roof are dead. The defroster is on high. The car has the dash option with the dash and speedo on the column and more gages in the center roundel.


The window switches and blinkers (but not the blinker lights) and other exterior lights work. The car starts and drives fine.

Anyone have any ideas?

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