Hello all (internet picture ref.),

I have been contemplating a build and was looking for some experienced feedback. My current question is whether to start with a mini-truck, or a full size. The end goal of the truck would be to daily drive/ pre-run and off road. I live in Michigan, but I always have liked the idea of desert racing/ running. Also could be useful for some of the roads here...🤪


My idea with the mini-truck would be to keep it near 3k lbs if possible, similar to a stadium super. Think first gen ranger or s10 size. My thoughts would be that it would be an agile truck, but I don’t know how daily- driveable. Other option is of course full-size. Better for larger obstacles, more stable, but also a lot heavier; would be lucky to stay near 5k lbs. Weapon of choice would probably be gmt800 Chevy or bumpside ford like pictured, but needs fuel injection for the cold. I’m not really interested in full-size Broncos, especially seeing their price as of late.

So, here is my question; is it cheaper to go one route more than the other? My first thought is that a mini truck could use slightly smaller/ cheaper components whereas a larger truck would need beefier stuff- ie, tire sizes, shock diameters... but at the end of the day, does it all come out pretty even? A mini-truck would need a complete overhaul, but wouldn’t need as much hp...

I really enjoy the building process the most, but of course want something that I can be proud of and have fun in at the end. Does anyone know the potential cost differences or enjoyment? I am also looking at showing off some of my fab work and am nervous that an old mini-truck would not look as impressive.

Thanks for any feedback or thoughts you all have.

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