Mini project is back home.

Its the one on the right... I forgot how teeny it is while it sat giftwrapped under a bungeed tarp in the corner of a lot. I thought it would be outside there only a few weeks while i moved but that became 3 months or so.


So i finally had the garage all organized enough to go get it. I unwrapped the ‘78 Leyland built 1000 to good news; no rabbit family inside. I was worried, well, just look at the floor against a snowy ground...and see the rabbit family invite.

It took a hell of a jump start. After about 5 minutes of off and on cranking, the oil circulated letting the engine spin faster in the 47 degree day, and with just the right choke position, it fired up. A few more minutes and i didnt need the choke. A good 10 minutes later it didnt stumble or mind revving a bit. Just a bit. Im no fan of cold weather 50s tech motoring with a worn out HS4 carb. I drove it the mile point five to its new home with 1.5 brakes that took three pumps before every stop and on collapsed rubber cone suspension. It was still fun even while dilapated.


The rear seat is full of spares used and new. I’m finally going to take it apart and do the body this summer. The time + space + money equation is finally complete. Im looking at probably half a bodyectomy, but the goal is paint heading into fall and mechanicals through winter. Needs lots of love. Itll be worth it.

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