I hate watching news when they mention the suspect’s car. “The suspect is believed to have driven a silver or white Mercedes.”

First of all, because it’s a German car, there are literally thousands of white and silver Mercedes in SoCal where this happened, how would this info even help? I guarantee that most neighborhoods have at least one white/silver Merc. That won’t narrow down the search.

Second of all, they didn’t mention if it was a wagon, SUV, sedan, coupe, etc. Again, not helping it narrow down the suspects.

Third, they said that police had a piece of the headlight that broke off when the guy hit the cyclist. Why don’t you show that headlight on TV so people like us Jalops/Oppos can identify the car? They didn’t. So that means I wouldn’t be able to help.

Little details like this make me mad.

Have a white or silver Audi I saw.