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Mini Rant

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Ok so, this morning I walked out to my car to see a dick drawn in the dirt on my hood. Honestly, I’m not pissed about the dick, it’s objectively funny to a child-mind like mine. But FUCK that person. I live at an apartment complex and sometimes work takes up too much of my time to keep my car clean. It’s currently covered in some weird shit caused by dragon-flies repeatedly bouncing of it (mating?), and if I didn’t luckily have a clear film on the hood that could have scratched paint! Who the hell does that?

Look, I’m not your average parsha owner. I’m gonna run this car ragged. I’m gonna drive rain or shine, all through the winter, and it won’t be garaged obviously. Hell, I went off-roading in the Oppo Half-Massed Rally on Saturday (more on that later)! But the important part is that I am the one doing these things. I will get it dirty, I will get rock chips and cone marks on it, and I will take it places that MAYBEEEE I shouldn’t go. But it still pisses me the hell off that someone else would be thoughtless enough, heartless enough, and possibly jealous enough to do this shit. I’ve lost some trust in parking my car where I freaking live. I’m nervous this could escalate, or I won’t be lucky enough for it to only be on the clear film. Fuck that person.


UGH. Well thanks for listening.

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