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Mini Rant

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Graphic: Samuel L. Jackson, muthafucker

It’s one of the dentists covered under my current ACA insurance.

Scheduled appointment an hour in a half in advance online.

They didn’t get it.

Inattentive driving had me pull into the wrong lot thinking it was connected.

Still made it on time.

Told them a filling fell out and would like a cleaning as well.

Filled out 6 pages of bullshit paperwork.

Watched 6 people come in, get service, then leave. 2 of those individuals walked in without an appointment.


Realizing 90 minutes had passed, I told them I had to go.

“Do you want to reschedule now, sir?”


Just ate two carmel glazed cake donuts, a half dozen chocolate glazed donut holes, and drank a Kroger Pure Sugar Cola.


...I think I’ve calmed down now.

/end mini rant


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