I really wish people would actually learn something about how barriers at road courses work and how you can't just strap a safer barrier to it. It's not the same as an oval such as Charlotte or Daytona. That's what people need to learn. Every road course in the world has armco and tire barriers. Also NASCAR is the only series that ever runs that layout at Watkins Glen and the only series that ever crashes there. We don't need to change the entire track because they can't keep it on the track (i.e. not using run offs when not necessary.) It frustrates me when people who watch an oval racing series think they know everything about one of the most historic road courses in North America if not the world. Adding concrete barriers would have made that accident a lot worse than it was.

If you can't tell I grew up there essentially and have been going to sports cars and vintage races there almost my entire life and have never seen an accident like that out side of the NASCAR course. Yes Tommy Kendall crashed in turn 5 in 1988 but they've made that corner safer. All the drivers should just be happy that they all walked away unharmed and they lived to see another day. Others in crashes that looked not as serious haven't been so lucky. So either stick to the ovals or learn about road racing.

/end passionate rant.

Here have some sports cars.