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Mini truck project

So, a mini truck project has dropped into my lap recently.

My dad had a rust free blue 1986 Nissan 720 that he bought for $250. It had the Z24 2.4l 4cyl and a 5-speed, but the motor was junk. After I traded the Ram 50 for the Bonneville, I bought the 720 from Dad for $250. A friend had a broken D21 (cracked frame and ruined rear diff), they said they wanted to swap the KA24E out of the D21 into the 720. They said they would help with the build, and buy the truck from me once the swap was done.


That was a year ago. In that time, my dad and I have pulled the junk motor out of the 720, and removed the good motor and the entire wiring harness from the D21. The friend that wanted this so badly never helped. Last week, they sold me the complete D21 (including engine and wiring harness) for $75.

So now what do I do with it? My dad says finish it and have a work truck, my roommate says targa top, wild paint, and a bed full of subwoofers, and I’m thinking turbo drift truck. What do you think?


One thing is for certain : the AR-37s that I had on the Ram 50 have found a new home.

Also, any help on KA-swapping a 720 would be appreciated. Or try to convince me to LS swap it.

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