MINI's Corrosion Warranty: A Folly For All

I have a 2004 Cooper S(R53) and I've known the car since my friend bought it used from a dealership in 2008. I bought it for $3000 and have replaced the clutch ,supercharger, crank pulley,belt tensioner, and some other junk. But that's not important.

My hatch has some rust forming from where the license plate light trim panel mounts to the hatch. Each screw hole has a nice size of bubbling metal showing on the hatch. So I figured MINI will honor their 12 year corrosion warranty since hey, it is rusting when it shouldn't. I drop it off at the dealership after waiting for a month for them to actually take action to get me in. I get a nice clubman S as a loaner and the next day they tell me the news.


The regional MINI rep denied my claim because the car was hit on the right rear. I call my friend the previous owner and ensaid the car was in a hit n run but the only damage was to the reflector and a scuff on the plastic wheel arch trim. No paint work done. So I tell MINI, they come back and say "paint isn't original" Bullshit, so I raise he'll on their Facebook page and MINI USA contacts me.

I tell them what's up and they say they will get back with me. They just called and denied it again because my paint clearly isn't original.I guarantee they didn't use a paint gauge or whatever fancy tool it is to check. I call bullshit yet again and say fine deny my claim. You guys have jerked me around already on the power steering pump recall and countless other owners of older cars. I was totally considering buying that clubman I borrowed and now....forget it. I'll also make sure to let people know when they go buy a mini that they suck when it comes to honoring corrosion warranties and the issues the cars have(R56 and others).


So ,end rant.... I'm selling this car as soon as I can and getting a TDI or another Diesel Benz. Frak this

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