1. Sedona, by far the best looking and least mumsy van currently on the market.

2. Rondo (Available with our old friend Manuel.)

3. Mazda5, available with a stick, but getting a bit long in the tooth.

4. Sienna SE, because JDM bruh.


5. Quest, the most French Japanese car ever made.

6. T&C/Grand Caravan, the cheapest way to get almost 300 HP.


7. Odyssey, just meh.

8. Ford C-Max, not bad, but it needs a full gas option to really be competitive.


9. Chevrolet Traverse, a minivan so bland they had to call it an SUV to make people not fall asleep.

10. Dodge Journey, forever confusing me that this sells like hotcakes in Canada.


11. Getting mauled by a bear

12. Mitsubishi Outlander, once again proving that to make their cars look less boring, manufacturers will sell their mediocre AWD minivan with a factory liftkit and then proceed to call it an SUV.


13. Toyota Prius V, the car itself isn’t bad, but good luck carrying around all that stigma.

14. Chevrolet Orlando, a car so terrible it pretty much flatlined Chevrolet in Europe. Also was inexplicably sold as a compact CUV in Canada.