Minor Automotive Obsession of the Now

CarsOfFortLangley’s Post got me thinking of something from my youth that has been a minor obsession for a while. When my dad’s dad died, he left us his 1981 VW Rabbit Diesel 4-speed. 4-door. It was a prize from a scratch-off in the Pennsylvania lottery, and he drove it for five years before he had a stroke and passed. It was white with a blue vinyl interior and had a hand-crank sunroof. The one below is from a BMW, but the concept is the same.

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If I could find a decent 4-door Rabbit 5-speed with a hand-crank sunroof, for a good price, I would get it.

On another note, his post about stereotyping “car people,” reminded me of an experience I had a while back:

Stereotyping is bad, y’all

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