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Minor Differences: Car Battery Edition

As mentioned in a previous post, the Jag’s battery is the incorrect size... but that is somewhat of a simplification of the REAL story....


While buying the Jag the battery was dead when I got there. Knowing they’d just moved it a few days previous, I decided to use “needs a new battery” as leverage in negotiating. Hours later as I was signing the paperwork and unbeknownst to me, the owner of the dealership was “helpfully” swapping out the battery in the Jag.

After I’d bought it.

To a smaller battery.

His explination is that he knew I had a long drive and the battery was indeed bad, so he was swapping it out for the only one he had.


I know enough about car buying that this was NOT OK to do without asking, but also REALLY didn’t feel like fighting it and had already mentally budgeted for a new battery.

I’m not sure what his motivations are and, frankly, I don’t care. I assume he was swapping out the big, heavy H8 battery for whatever the smallest battery he had in-house was. Not sure WHY, as the difference in cost (at least for me as a human buying one) is like... $10 between the two batteries.


ANYWAY, with the Jag’s ongoing electrical problems I decided it was time to get it a big boy battery and BOY IS IT.

Illustration for article titled Minor Differences: Car Battery Edition

Just look at it.

900CCA vs 600CCA

185 min vs 110 min reserve capacity

Also this one has the little vent hookup that I know nothing about but seems like a thing I might need.


Anyway, we’re all swapped out now. TBD if it fixes anything but it is done.

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