Look, is my Land Cruiser gorgeous and awesome? Of course it is. But there are some less than awesome things about it that I’m aiming to fix, so I just spent a couple hundred bucks on eBay.

Every time I park like this I forget how short and fat I am until I need to get back in.

One of my least favorite things about the truck is the dreaded Toyota ‘gold package’, gold badges all around. So I bought a pair of chrome Toyota badges, and I’m going to replace the gold 4wd badge with either nothing or an FJ40 style badge.

The main key I have for it is marked ‘for Daihatsu’, which is neat but wrong. So I bought a pair of Toyota key blanks for it.


I also don’t have a keyless entry remote, and I know the truck had them from new, so I bought a pair of those.


My power antenna doesn’t work, the belt (?) broke on it so the antenna is up all the time though the motor works fine. Bought a Toyota replacement one.

I was distressed to learn that I a) don’t have trailer light wiring even though I have a hitch, and b) it wasn’t as simple as just wiring in a four pin plug. So I bought a vehicle specific adapter by Hopkins that’ll give me a flat four plug so I can tow.


Let’s see, what else? Oh, I bought a new set of lug nuts (the all-locks kind by Gorilla), a new lower dash panel because mine is all scratched up.

I also bought this:


From Blue Ridge Outfitters, they call it a Land Cruiser Attic and it’s brilliant. Right where the sunroof ends, above the rear seat passengers heads, the headliner goes up a few inches. The Attic attaches to the grab handles for the second and third rows and adds some cargo space for soft items...coats, shirts, etc. Right now I’ve got a Carhartt hoodie and a Duluth shirt jacket up there (in a pretty big size because I’m a fatass) and there’s plenty of room for more. It seems like a small thing, but they’re bulky and that’ll save a lot of room in my rear boxes.

I’ve also decided to take a whack at Plastidipping my wheels black. I really want black steelies, so this should hold me over for now. With the black wheels and nice new chrome lugs, I think it’ll look really good.


Lastly, I’m going to take off the running boards...I want to see how it looks. The flares can stay though, they’ve grown on me.

Gonna be a good Land Cruiser weekend.