Took the port installed roof rack (most of it) off the cruiser tonight. plus a few other things like spraying some new rubberized coating to the wheel wells in the back.

Piece of crap rack can’t hold any weight, gets in the way and only really encourages rust.

Mine wasn’t too rusted, but it was rusted a little.

I’ve gaffed tapped up the exposed nutserts until I can get up there, and clean it up and repaint it and then fill them in. This one isn’t bad at all, there is one with at least a quarter size bubble and rust zone that will require some work. My working plan is: clean, prep and paint these areas, fill in the nutserts with flat bolts and rubber washers (they still up a little so I can’t go clean without shaving which I don’t want to do), then put a thick white wrap on the entire roof to cut down on heat and clean it up.


I can’t decide if I want to pull the roof rails off yet but I’m leaning towards it because i saw a little rust up there under one nutsert I tested. That plus I think they might be adding a vibration just means a lot more nutserts to fill and potentially spin (thankfully none today)

I can’t believe how much better it looks without the factory rack.