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Minor stuff on my Amazon

So, I’ve had my Amazon Combi for several months now, but I have only managed to accomplish a few minor tasks. The rear door locks and handles were really stiff so I pulled off the rear door cards and cleaned and lubricated everything inside the doors. Previously, everything was difficult to actuate, and now locks/handles/windows/doors all move smooth as silk. I also pulled the steering wheel and cleaned it up a bit. Didn’t accomplish much, but it had been wobbling, and now it’s nice and tight.

Most recently I decided that the dark blue paint would be nicely accented if the wheels were painted ivory white, so that’s been my latest little task. After first attacking one wheel with a wire brush on my angle grinder, I was unsatisfied with the results. So, I bought a cheap media blaster from Harbor Freight and and blasted the rest of the wheels.

Blasted and masking up.
Fresh coat of almond appliance epoxy.
I am pretty sure the previous owner sprayed the wheels flat black, they would have been silver originally.
Semi-finished result

I haven’t decided if I want to put the trim rings and hub caps back on, or leave the steelies bare. I figure I’ll leave them bare for now.

I’m currently in the middle of a brake job. One of the wheel cylinders started leaking, staining my beautiful, newly epoxied floor. I have one side torn apart, but haven’t gotten around to ordering parts yet.

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