Misc. Sunday Scrapbook (Good Night Oppo)

Wife and her former classmates had a mom-date, so I had the afternoon free.

I was disappointed to discover that the iconic Jeep styling signature, the seven-slat grille, is completely fake on the new Compass. The actual air intake is hidden in the narrow slot underneath.
My car’s front grille is also [mostly] fake, but it does have a very serious VIN stamping on the rear frame.
The local Lexus dealer has indoor guest parking. I did cause quite a scene, but they didn’t have any LWB LS460s so I left. The new LC500 is pretty hot, but too much money for one car.
One of my favourite Taiwanese milk tea chains opened a store near where I live (this is in Cupertino, next to the Apple campus). I’m in trouble now!

Good night Oppo!

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