From Acadia National Park and an unusual transportation museum we visited on the last day of our road trip.


That’s right... the gas tank IS the dashboard. This thing makes a Corvair look like a Volvo.

Bangor, the last stop on our trip, used to be an import logging depot. Logging and shipping tycoons made the place their home, and built elaborate mansions like this one. I’m not sure about the color but I do like the massive windows, elborate trim, and unique overall design.


Acadia. We lucked out; this was the only day of nice weather. This is the top of the “beehive” climb, which was NUTS. There are several points along the “trail” up this nearly vertical cliff face where a mistake would be... costly. The sketchiest piece was not the metal rungs on the veritcal part, but a tiny wooden platform crossing with death on one side and a rock wall on the other. I have a fear of heights so that was REALLY pushing my limits. Definitely the most exciting thing I’ve done in a long time.

Acadia is truly epic.


It’s worth mentioning that the auto roads on Mt. Desert island are straight out of a Top Gear film. A large portion of the main road is one way, so you can take whatever line you like. It’s even two lanes so you won’t get stuck behind a bus for long. All that said, we were in a lifted XJ Cherokee so no shenanigans were attempted. Bucket list item added: return with a sports car (preferably a slow one).

Bonus: “Surely not everyone was Kung Fu fighting.”