I’m writing this blog while sitting in the VehiCROSS as it idles to make some muffler wrap do it’s $6 worth of magic. Besides that $6, my spending priorities on the VX have been so backward.

Things I have bought for the VX:

$650 worth of tires it doesn’t need.

$75 new old stock steering wheel to replace the gross 320k mile one.

Less red, but way less gross.

Things I haven’t done for the VX:

Fix the TOD 4wd system.

Registered it.

Fixed the exhaust system which, again, is SO BAD.

Investigated the air bag or ABS lights.

Sourced a hood to replace my gross one.

So basically I’ve done none of the important stuff, and only bought stuff I want.

But that, I suppose, is the beauty of it being my fourth vehicle. The Tahoe and Escalade move the kids, the Jetta gets me to work and back, and the VehiCROSS sits very sexily in my driveway while I gather parts for it. I don’t need the truck to be anything other than driveway candy right now, and it’s GREAT at that because it’s just so pretty (to me).

A friend of mine called it ugly the other day, and I was mad about it. I realize the VX is...let’s call it polarizing. I love it, and you guys like it because you’re Oppo, but regular people maybe don’t see it’s beauty. But it’s like when your kid is being a jerk and somebody else says they’re being a jerk. I can say that, you can’t.


This is the most I’ve enjoyed a vehicle just by owning it. It doesn’t need to do anything right now, I’m just so glad I own a VehiCROSS.

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