Misfire Opinions Oppo?

Hey all,

Yesterday my Accent developed a misfire that wouldn’t go away and I had to limp it while misfiring about 8km to my mechanic’s garage and leave it there ‘til they can get to it to diagnose. It’s not a long distance, but as we all know when driving our ailing babies, every centimeter was torture to me while doing it...

It’s had a misfire on and off for a few months, but only very rarely, only JUST after starting up when cold, and it would usually go away within a minute of starting it - this time it wouldn’t go away at all. I didn’t have my codereader with me to pull the codes, but the last time it happened last week (where it misfired on cold start and went away within a minute), I pulled the codes with the Torque app on my phone and got these:

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It has to be coil packs, spark plugs or injectors, I would imagine? Nothing major? I had the coil packs replaced awhile ago (maybe a year ago?), so I can’t think they’d have worn out yet, but maybe so. I actually don’t know when the spark plugs were last changed. I assume the dealership did it at the last major service I had done there, but can’t recall. I had run some injector cleaner through the fuel system when it did the misfire-for-a-minute-on-startup last week, but that doesn’t seem to have done anything, so guessing not injectors. The last time I pulled the codes it had said a misfire on both cylinder 2 and cylinder 4. Is it common for coil packs to fail at the same time? At any rate, I am rambling. The tank was on about 1/8th full when the misfire started this time (it’s done it before with the tank full), so I don’t think it’s that it pulled up any crud from the tank bottom. I actually stopped to get gas WHILE on my way to the garage with it misfiring as I thought maybe the 1/8th tank I had left was bad fuel, but it kept misfiring even with a fuel tank of fresh gas - that’s when I limped it to the garage.


Would have I have damaged anything by driving those 8km with it misfiring? Hoping not...

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