Misogyny in Mexico seeps into Politics for the worse.

Who am I?

1. I am a brilliant lawyer from one of the country’s best university.

2. I am married to a former President with questionable taste (and possible illegal acts) but great economic ability and popularity.


3. I have been involved in policy and government for decades.

4. I served federal congress.

5. My last name is not Rodham...

The candidate herself has met her sort-of American equivalent.

I am talking about Margarita Zavala, who is rushing to make the ballot for 2018 because a childish buffoon called Ricardo Anaya and a bunch of dicks in Mexico’s centre-right party: P.A.N. decided they wouldn’t have primary process and told her to basically suck it up and let the 38 year old idiot be the nominee. She did the right thing and left the party, now she’s gathering signatures to register as an independent candidate.

Yes, the conservative party decided that a lawyer from the Libre de Derecho (basically our version of Yale Law school) should let a guy that graduated from a state university (Queretaro) and an online college(UVM) and does very stupid attack ads.


Just to lose against our Trump figure: a faux-socialist, asshole demagogue that appeals to the blue collar workers that can’t bother to factcheck him on half his bullshit and is pushing Pinochet-like surveillance policies. Anaya has no chance againts Obrador(trump guy), and Zavala did!

Our 2018 elections will be a sausage party with stupid amounts of spending, corruption, lies, and possible foreign interference for which we aren’t ready for.



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