Got the clutch back in the Jeep a few weeks ago. Upon firing it up I was greeted with a wonderful sound indicating that I had fucked something up. A very high pitched chirping coming directly from the bell housing. I finally got around to looking at it today. Read the engine codes and they indicated a few crank position sensor faults. Weird. Pull the CPS and am greeted by this:

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It seems Luk’s flywheel is a bit out of spec and was just so tenderly kissing my CPS. Fired the truck up with the CPS removed and she shifted wonderfully through every gear with no weird sounds. Very relieved to know I didn’t screw up, and won’t have to pull the trans again, but come the fuck on, Luk!

I also had to pull out the dowel pins on the flywheel, per their instructions, because they didn’t fit their own pressure plate. These guys are supposed to be OEM manufactures, which is usually a good thing. However, based on my experience with this and my original Sachs clutch coming apart, looks like you’re better off with aftermarket when it comes to clutches.


While I had my exhaust off I cut the crossover and will be installing a removable section, so the next time I remove the trans (fingers crossed) I won’t have to pull the entire exhaust off.

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