From 1984 until 2017, I ran less than 20 miles. In 2018 I ran 501 miles. I aimed to run 600 this year and was way ahead of schedule. Then I had a bad time for a while and got lazy. I have been on track to make it up, but my right knee has been bothering me to the point where I know I need to not run and strengthen other areas of my leg/knee for a while. Running is such a numbers game for me. I’m addicted to it, but I hate it, but I like the feeling afterward. Nothing is better than punching that number into my spread sheet and watching all of the data that I am tracking change.

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Anyway I’m not planning on running today, so the total for 2018 comes to 586.23 miles. Who knows though, the days I say I’m not running are often the days I put down 7-10 miles.


I know that kind of mileage isn’t very impressive, but it is big time for me. One sad fact is that I have run more miles than I have driven the M3 this year, a lot more.

My favorite part of 2019 (outside of the time spent with my little girl) was taking delivery of the 02 and driving it everywhere.

In 2020 I wish for good health and happiness for my friends, family, and oppos. I’m hoping for nice weather, a new mountain bike, and my P car (I’m trying not to get my hopes up although I don’t think this is the year)

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