The small version of the big car made by the company who (is supposed to) make tiny cars is cool. It gets the proportions right, 2 doors is always better than 4, and it’s got a fu manchu grille. This one has a stick, and a classy green paint.

Oh and did I mention the rear accommodations look nice, and the seats have a plaid that is on GTI levels of gnarliness.

I don’t know what it is but minis have been sucking me in lately. It doesn’t help that my 944 has an oil leak onto the exhaust manifold that I’ve decided I need to fix before I drive much more(I have lots of seals on the way in the mail).


I like, in no particular order:

Any of the 2 door hardtops

The first gen suicide door Clubman (still quite small but just a little bit more family friendly)


Paceman(it’s such a great combination of utility and complete lack of utility)