A win for Wobbles! I’m a firm believer that durability is up to the manufacturer but reliability is in the hands of the owner. The XF drives better and better every weekend and there are no electrical issues, not even hiccups in keyfob detection!

That said, every car but the Jeep required one moment of maintenance within the first 6 months of purchase for something that was neglected/overlooked. But even adding in those repairs I’ve still wasted nearly $8,000 in unused warranty claims over my lifetime all because I didn’t trust the effort I put into finding good cars.

No more of that! Wobbles is doing everything the Wobbles’ way, the way of Wobbles, wandering waywards away towards the way of wonders that is Wobbles’ way out wonderances.

...and I shall strike down upon thee with great vengeance and fuuuurious oops, that dialogue was supposed to be internal.

Here is the current garage:

The athletic and stylish 2012 Jaguar XF.

(385 hp / 380 lb-ft)


The silky smooth 2006 Kia Amanti.

(200 hp / 220 lb-ft)


And the robust but brilliant 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

(360 hp / 390 lb-ft)


The immediate next buy is a 2010-2014 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon 3.6 AWD (Performance or Premium). Something like this 2013 model.

(318 hp / 275 lb-ft)


That’s the four car fleet I’m looking to have and if I get all four of these reliable at the same time, *knock on wood veneer,* then the fourway-split annual mileage may keep me without a car payment starting from 2021 until who knows when.

And no car payment is a win in my book. I can use that savings to pick up a vice...something like antiquing, or weekly Groupon roulettes, or maybe cocaine. But most likely a marimba and music equipment.