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Mission Control Is On Line

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Got my new iMac set up and arranged a few toys for decoration. I love the Technic Ferrari, but it will likely turn out to be too big for the space. I’ve got many more I could display. Maybe I’ll have to rotate the collection.


This is where I’ll be teaching from this fall. Not sure how many trumpet students I’ll have, but at least 18 have expressed interest. The trick will be finding time during this crazy schedule to fit them all in. We’ve done a lot of rearranging to find work spaces for everybody. I moved to the back bedroom (shown) a couple of months ago to make room for Mrs. Ttyymmnn at my desk in the living room. That required cleaning out and moving a large bookshelf into my oldest boy’s room, which made him happy because he can display all of his Legos on it. Finding space for my twin boys to work is also proving to be a challenge. I jury rigged a desk in the room they share, but one of them will have to work at the kitchen table. I’m encouraging them to work out a trading schedule.

Ultimately, my house is one room short. But what’re you gonna do? I certainly can’t complain, since, despite the lack of space, we are still better positioned than many other families at this time.

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