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Remember that Volvo I posted about a couple weeks ago? It’s mine.

It’s currently sitting at another Oppo’s house until I can go get it. It runs a bit rough and doesn’t have a lot of top end so I am making arrangements to tow it home.


Overall it’s exactly what I expected. It’s a 10 footer, but the body is clean and straight minus the janky rear end. A full paint correction will go a long way on this car and I have someone who can help me out with that. The interior is surprisingly good for the age - seats are salvagable, the only other major issues are cracked dash, a missing head unit, and broken trim bit around the parking brake. All of these are things I can fix.

Mechanically it runs but not great. Motor mounts are shot. It also has an oil leak on the front of the engine up high. I believe this is due to the front cam seal leaking due to a clogged flame trap (Volvo PCV). I need to pull the timing belt to get to the seal, so I’ll go ahead and do the belt and water pump while I’m in there. That and a general tune up should go a long way and have this little Swedish tractor engine purring right along.


So what’s my plan? Well, first I need to get it home. After it’s at my house I’m going to swap on a set of factory wheels I found locally and get some OE springs and put it back to stock ride height for the time being. That will make it much easier to get in and out of my driveway and to work on. Once that’s done I’ll address the oil leak and tune the motor up, and then I’ll attack the rust and janky body work. Once it’s happy (and we’re allowed to go places again) I’ll take it to Ikea.

So there you have it, I’ve officially lost my mind. I’m ready to bequeath my fortune to FCP and IPD. Please send help.

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