Mitsubishi is officially a lost cause

Mitsubishi is redoing their entire line up. Sadly, it seems that they have planned their downfall.

This is the Eclipse Cross. They’re betting their money on this!


Its horrible because...

Looks: It looks like a modern Aztek.

Proportions: It has the proportions of the newer Outback, which I hate.

Name: Eclipse - Reviving an old name for a car that’s no where close to the original? Not good. Cross - How many coupes have been directly translated to CUVs that make any sense? (Without becoming a “4 door coupe” first. I’m looking at you, BMW.) More badder.

If you think this doesn’t look bad enough, wait till you see the Xpander. Just look at this!


I don’t know what they want to expand or who this will pander to. I am guessing its people who love vans and love Multiplas.


Apparently, we can expect 6 all new cars and 5 redesigns. I don’t know what to expect anymore, but they are off to an awful start.

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