Mitsubishi Evo Wing on BMW M3

Funny things happen when you visit a shop. One evening in February I stopped by for an oil change at Sean's shop in VA. Several of the shop technicians own Mitsubishi Evolutions and in the corner near the lift where my BMW M3 was stationed I noticed a rear spoiler from an Evolution 8 laying on the ground. I pondered ridiculous thoughts and then took action.

I grabbed a handful of shop towels and meticulously laid them down on the corners of M3's trunk. I then picked up the Evolution spoiler and laid it gingerly atop.


I stepped back. I cringed. I chuckle. And then I thought documentation was in order.

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I pulled out my trusty HTC One and rattled off a few shots to share on the BMW forums. That was my night. The thread on the Bimmerforums was strong with hate and lack of reading comprehension. It was a good time.


To think I'd actually drill holes in to my factory trunk and mount a Mitsubishi Evolution spoiler! Ha!

Now if I had spare trunk…

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