When i saw the headline in a local newspaper, i thought "Well, shit just gone real". Mitsubishi is known to do sport thingy properly, right? But not in this occasion. It's just a Mirage with fancy bodykits and mirage sports written all over it.

They only made 400 unit to sell in Indonesia. The price? 14,000 USD. Base model Mirage is 11,800 grand in here for a comparasion.


Me personally thinks that if you want to do a Sport Mirage, why don't go all out and made a spiritual successor of the amazing Mirage Cyborg-R?


I mean, the current Mirage weighs about the same as the old Mirage Cyborg R, which is about 950kg. But the Cyborg R has a fantastic 1.8l naturally aspirated 4-banger which produce a fantastic 172hp. That must be a hoot to drive, even if they put those engine in the current Mirage.

Put that motor in the current Mirage, priced lower than a Honda Fit/Jazz, call it the Mirage Cyborg R, and i'm sure mitsu will have a hard time to count all those monies. What do you think?