It seems like everyone in the media likes to hate on the Mitsubishi Mirage. It’s a cheap car. It’s designed cheap, and built cheap, and compared to a used vehicle of the same price, isn’t perhaps the best deal. So, what’s good about it? I’m thinking this...

The Mirage has a small engine - a 3 cylinder - either 1.0L (or 1.2L in certain countries). That’s a pretty small engine, good for roughly 80 hp. So what vehicle would still be fun with 80 hp? How about something like this:

Given how cheap the Mirage is, and how small the engine is, I think it’d work great in something like a Locost (Lotus Super 7 replica). Heck, if the whole car only costs $10k (or less), how much would it cost for just the engine?

Really, it does seem like a jalop vehicle - it’s built to do one thing well (transport people on the cheap). Hopefully they sell well, so there will be a good surplus of parts/engines available from the scrap yards in a few years.