Mixed emotions

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I bought this DVR in order to yank out the hard drive. It was only a few bucks, and had either a 500gb or 1tb drive. I decided to fire it up to see if there were any programs on it, and thought I’d watch those before pulling the drive.


Unlike the generic Motorola units that won’t do squat without a connection to the cable company, this one is powered by TiVo and has all sorts of apps on it that I was able to access through an internet connection. I listened to a number of MusicChoice channels, watched some stuff on YouTube and Hulu and connected up to my Plex server. As it sits now it does everything I want for video in my home office, and can easily replace the PC that is acting as my Plex playback machine. That computer could do other things, but reaching the keyboard and mouse to do so is kind of a pain and so it just does Plex -poorly.

I just hate having a hard drive sitting there going to waste. I wish it wasn’t such a pain to format drives for use by TiVo, otherwise I’d rip this one out and just replace it with a cheap SSD.


I guess I’ll use it as a media player for as long as it lasts. Considering that winter is here and I need to save some energy, I figure that this box will be a lot more power-efficient than the ancient Dell i5 that is currently being used for TV. 

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