Mixed feelings after this year's GA Gambler 500.

On the one hand, it was fun and most of the people were really nice. On the other, the new leader (I started it myself last year, then handed it off to someone else) was not exactly nice. See, I got stuck after I made a panic move and drove into a mud puddle. I couldn’t open my door, so some other people had to get dirty and hook up a winch for me. I got out and all was well, but then a few people decided to leave early at a fork in the trail. My choices were either to stay with the group and continue, or to break off and go home. I wanted to continue, of course.

That’s when the leader came up to me, pulled me aside, and said, “I don’t think your truck is going to make it.” That was confusing for two reasons: one, I wasn’t the only one who got stuck. And two, there was a stock Honda Civic going. If I couldn’t make it, neither could he. The guy told me that the cars were okay because they had a low center of gravity. Okay... but there’s a lifted Cherokee going as well.


So, in other words, he just didn’t want me to come along. He wasn’t concerned about my Explorer getting stuck at all.

I don’t know... I really wish I had someone to take with me. Everyone there knew each other and/or got to know each other. I tried to start conversations only to have people walk away as if they had something to do. Every time. There were two small groups of middle-aged people who were nice and talked to me, but they didn’t stick around long. I’m just venting at this point, but it really sucks to feel unwanted at the very thing you created. They wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for me. The least they could do is let me finish.

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