Update: The Cougar is staying put. I’m glad this didn’t happen on a test drive, it’s running terribly. I haven’t changed anything. Very little power going up a small hill this evening. Runs really rough, stumbling really bad, shaking. No clue what it is, as nothing changed between the last time I drove it (this weekend) and now. Almost seems like a timing issue. I don’t want to waste any more time on this drivetrain, so it’s time to get a new engine and tranny. I’ve been looking at Modern Driveline for transmission conversions, and I’ll be looking for a fuel injected 302 to drop in.

I threw the Cougar up on CL. Someone is coming to look at it in an hour. I thought I was ready to move on to a new project. Honestly, the body restoration is what scares me the most, trying to budget the money for that is hard. Especially knowing to strip it, fix the rust, etc...it’s expensive. Part of me hopes they don’t want it, but he sounded quite interested on the phone. Is this the end...who knows. One thing for sure is I’d get another project to replace it, I just have no idea what that would be yet. I always bail when projects get to the expensive part.