It finally happened. I got promoted. It’s been a long story of trials and corporate beaurocracy b/s to get here, but it is here at last. And the whole saga of frustration of previous positions I didn’t get is kind of a blessing in the disguise. This promotion is supposed to be way more of an increase for me compared to the ones I was previously passed over for. But that’s a different story for a different day.

With promotion and salary increase comes new car(s). First up, we’re replacing my wife’s 2012 Ford Fusion and it’s stupid transmission. She’s pretty set on the Mazda5, so there’s not really any questions there. But when replacing my Crown Vic, I’m having a harder time making a decision. My current front-runner based on performance vs. budget vs. dad practicality is the Golf GTI. In my research so far, I’m not seeing a whole lot of performance difference between the Mk6 and the Mk7. But I am seeing a nice price difference that works well with my budget.

However, I have no firsthand knowledge of these cars. I’ve never driven one. I’ve never ridden in one. I don’t know anyone that owns or has owned one. So Oppo, I come to you. Given the tuning potential with either one, is the Mk7 really worth the price difference over the Mk6?