MK7 GTI test drive disappointed me and I feel bad

I love my G37 but it gets truly abysmal gas mileage. Just appalling. ~19MPG combined is a good tank. Also to be fair my G is on coilovers and 255 width tires all around. Other than that and some K&N filters it’s otherwise stock.

I figured the GTI would provide a similar driving experience because like the G, with the DSG it has a 100MPH 1/4 mile trap (which I have determined is my threshold for a street car), and it’s ~700lb lighter while being a little more practical. I’m drive wheel agnostic so going back to FWD wouldn’t have bothered me.


Big issue was the engine. Just no replacement for displacement. Throttle response was very soggy and inconsistent. Engine didn’t seem to really come alive until about 3500 RPM and once it was there it didn’t pull as hard as the G. I guess that is to be expected with it being down 100HP, but even still the power to weight ratios (when factoring in the GTI’s real power rating and my G’s slushbox) are very close. The chassis was also not as phenomenal as I’d heard, but again my frame of reference is my decently modified G, a motorcycle and a bunch of previous modified cars.

Gas mileage and worse practicality (the seats don’t fold down....) aside I appreciate my G more. Last of a dying breed. I was on the fence about doing some make noise mods but now I’m definitely gonna do it. If I’m gonna get 19MPG I want to enjoy it as much as possible. Because I don’t think I’m gonna be able to avoid the turbos when this thing is due for replacement. I just feel bad because the press hails the GTI as the second coming. The working man’s 911. My god, I hope 911s don’t disappoint me this way.

Here is a gratuitous photo of the G:


I hope I can retain my enthusiast card.

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