This is a dumpster fire of a political thread, quick hit, 30,000ft response.

Well, looks like politically shit has hit the fan lately, here’s a quick Roundup.

1) ABC news’s Bryan Williams fucked up a major fact in an attempt to smear a republican president. This isn’t the first time he’s done it, either. Subsequently on the news, DOW dropped 400pts. Result: ABC issues a retraction, suspends Williams, and indicates he is now barred from reporting on Trump. Monday ABC published another false story about the administration and was forced to issue another retraction. Hey press, try not to fuck things up so bad. Please.

2) The supreme Court is hearing a case about whether a baker has the right to refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding based on religious grounds. This case is heavily nuanced, but early indications appear that the baker will win. I agree he should. Now put the pitchforks away, let me explain. I support gay marriage; however, A wedding is a religious ceremony, and the government should not compel any individual to participate in a religious ceremony that is against personal beliefs. Or take the artist approach. Just as I would not expect the state to compel a Jewish artist to accept the commissioning of a Hitler painting, the same belief applies here. I do not believe that the state should compel specific labor or commerce that goes against beliefs. There are plenty of other bakers, plenty of other artists. There is no need to compel commerce of this one specific individuals labor.

3) Sexual assault. Conyers resigned, thank God. The two front-runners to fill his seat are his son and his nephew. Please God someone remind Detroit that it’s not his family’s seat, but belongs to the people. I’m tired of political dynasty. Franken is rumored to be in the process of getting shoved to the exit. Good riddance. And Roy More is still a sleazy creepy fuck, but the pollsters have no idea what’s going to happen. Its like polling by Cybill. Fuck him too.


4) Russia investigation. Mueller had to release a top investigator from his team due to conflicts. Those conflicts include: sending multiple emails shitting on Trump. But dig deeper. This is the guy who personally changed Comey’s draft of the Clinton announcement from using the phrase Gross Negligence (the legal standard, and Comey’s words) and changing it to simply careless. This is also the guy who interviewed and nailed Flynn for lying to investigators... And also the guy who interviewed Clinton’s associates but failed to nail them for also lying to the FBI. There’s more suspicious partisan action here too.... One guy wouldn’t be an issue, but another of Mueller’s top investigators is also being exposed as emailing the AG who “resisted” Trump and got fired in the first weeks of the administration with heaping praise, exposing himself as another partisan and starting to raise concerns about the impartiality of Mueller’s team. It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

5) Tax bill passed the Senate and heads to reconciliation. Republican lawmakers break their arms trying to pat themselves on the back while Democrats loudly proclaim Armageddon and announce that Republicans want Americans to die. Like everything, the truth lies in the middle. The tax reform is necessary, and a reconciled bill is likely to be a good first step, but we’re completely fucked no matter what unless the boomers in Congress finally get around to the fiscally responsible governance that’s been promised for as long as I’ve been alive.

There’s more, but I’ve got to a shit ton of work to get back to.