MkV Supra early adopters are about to be PISSED

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In addition to news of the upcoming 2021 Supra bringing the 4-banger version with the same drivetrain as the Z4 30i to the USA, there are a bunch of updates to the straight six version as well. Uh oh.


Toyota has revised the power numbers of the six cylinder Supra to be identical to the US-spec Z4 M40i: 382 hp instead of the 335 hp spec on the 2020 Supra. At first I thought this was just a change on paper as the dyno numbers and drag times of the 2020 Supra are basically identical to the Z4 M40i, and it’ll run the 1/4 mile in the low 12s which is a stretch for a 3400ish lb car with “only” 335 hp. But the 2021 motor gets a new exhaust manifold and lower-compression pistons. One would think that lower compression ratio maybe means more boost, but who knows. Not a ton of specifics yet.

Suspension changes include:

  • Aluminum bracing in the engine bay between the strut towers and radiator support
  • New bump stops
  • Re-tuned dampers
  • New calibrations for the electric power steering, adaptive dampers, stability control and eLSD

My guess is these handling changes were done in response to reviewers who called out some instability issues on fast roads with big bumps.

Also, the infotainment screen has been bumped from a 6.5" screen to an 8.8" one. Initially the Supra launched with an older version of iDrive, supposedly because Toyota prefers older tech for reliability. No word on if it’s just a bigger screen or also an upgrade to iDrive 7.0 like the Z4 which has wireless CarPlay and will gain Android Auto through an OTA update in July. Best info I could find here is there will be a new Safety and Technology Package that includes active cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, parking sensors with emergency braking, navigation, JBL 12-speaker stereo, and wireless CarPlay.


Good luck selling those 2020 models, Toyota.

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