I suspect there are very few Focus STs that have ever been returned better than 25mpg.

Also: My turbo is probably growing cobwebs.

I’ve been driving pretty conservative lately (combined with some serious highway acceleration passes) and this is my best tank in a really long time (in spite of it being almost all city driving and hills everywhere). The EPA fuel economy on the car is 23/32, but that’s a whole bunch of bullshit. Most people are lucky to get 22, while I usually get somewhere around 23-25, depending on the season, traffic, etc. This is the highest dash reading I’ve seen in ages and 0.4 of this was gained in some heavy stop-and-go traffic on the 405 (the cruise control setting you see was after I got on the 520, but the fuel economy didn’t budge). When I filled up, fuelly registered a 29.5 after topping it off (although I suspect this is wrong due to being a different pump and the car at a different angle, so it was probably closer to the dash reading), which is positively amazing for doing this almost entirely in the city in traffic. The best I’ve ever attained in this car was on an actual highway drive with no traffic for over 95% of it and a warm engine where fuelly clocked 34.2mpg, but based on the first click it matched the dash reading of 39.6mpg (it peaked out at 40.3mpg on that run, before traffic dropped my average).

If you have a FoST, what’s your best?

Can you tell in either performance or fuel economy when they switch blends?