Mo' Plugs Mo' Problems

So remember yesterday when I showed you why my basement lights weren’t working? Well last night I was in the middle of removing this cabinet to fit the fridge that’s being delivered tomorrow....

And found how the rope style accent lights that the previous-PO put in along all of them are wired...

See that outlet above and the the right of the microwave? Yeah, I thought they were just plugged in there too...

I found THIS above that corner cabinet next to where the fridge is going:

And THIS directly above it:


Moving to the OTHER side of the sink (the wiring runs behind a trim panel above the windows) the genius continues:


And turns the corner above the microwave to a true WHAT THE EFFING FUCK moment:

Yes, I unplugged the power strip before taking this photo

The... the microwave is plugged into an outlet box that’s just chilling back there, and the... the power strip was plugged into the switched outlet in the wall.... and... in the power strip.... are CUT OFF CORDS that are TAPED to wiring that leads to the LOOSE OUTLET BOXES that the rope lights are plugged into.

I think I’m having a minor brain aneurysm just looking that this again....

Now I don’t blame the inspector for not noticing this, nor the appraiser of the house, nor the PO’s who I think just used everything in the house as is, and were unaware what they were dealing with... or didn’t care/didn’t think it was an issue. Otherwise why would they have written a 3 page welcoming letter, and invited to chit chat on Facebook?


All this shit’s gotta go.

After the fridge and oven come. At least I unplugged it... except the microwave.

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