I just wanted to throw this out there again, to get your oppoinions on the matter.

So you may recall that I put it out there informally that I would like to do an Oppo Meetup in Moab in the fall for biking, trail rides and whateves. But I wanted to gauge interest again and ask what people might want from such a meetup.

I've been putting a lot of thought into it and I think I've ruled out the idea that this would be a sponsored event of any kind. For two reasons:

1. I'm not made of money and Oppo doesn't have any for me. I could hunt for some local sponsors and probably get a few...and the idea isn't out of my head entirely.


2. There are legal factors to consider when you do things as an organized group. Factors I don't want to deal with.

That leaves a friends meetup. Which is fine with me, we can plan day to day and play it by ear which allows more people to do the things they are comfortable with. I know Moab pretty well and there should be no shortage of things to do for any group.


As for timing, I was thinking early Nov. All the "safari's" and such are gone and the riding is sublime thanks to the cooler day temps...when its cold, you just do trail drives. Plus its easier to get the better camp sites. also, November sucks in Salt Lake, cold but not snowy.

I was thinking about taking 2 days from work and going wed night to sunday night.


Families are...maybe invited, not sure on this one yet.

Accommodations - I would be happy to reserve a group site, or we could just snag a few in the sand flats area. Camping. If its guys only i have a 8 person trailer we can use as home base.

So....who's even remotely interested?

Who's seriously interested?

What of the plan? suggestions?

Also, I'm probably doing this with VicariousiLive one way or another...so...I guess what I'm saying is; are there enough people that want to/can come to make it happen as an oppo thing?