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Moar Supra Hot Takes

Like most of you, I’ve been waiting to see what Toyota actually does with the reincarnation of the Supra nameplate and, with the final unveiling, I’m actually rather pleased.

Visually, it’s a little busy and fussy. The overall shape of the headlights is a nice throwback to the MKIV, but the schnoz on the wannabe F1 bumper is a little unattractive. It’s a lot more blunt in execution than we saw on the FT1 concept which isn’t surprising, but is definitely disappointing.

As far as performance goes, I think it’s bang on. I’m glad they didn’t go upmarket with it and try to compete with the NSX and price it accordingly. They targeted the Cayman and have delivered a car that basically matches the Cayman S for about $20k less.


718 Cayman S - 350hp - 0-60 in 4.0s (PDK)
MKV Zupra - 335hp - 0-60 in 4.1s (ZF Auto)

Grip and handling will be a bit of a different story as the mid-engine Cayman should offer better balance and is about 300-400lbs lighter.


With regards to how they’ve priced it - again, bang on. In 1993, you could buy a 320hp Supra TT for about $38k, that runs to 60mph in about 5 seconds. In today’s money, that’s $67k. Oof. The new Zupra will offer about the same power, but for only $51k and run to 60 nearly a second faster. I bet it handles a lot better too, but it should with 26 years of technology and development.

I doubt it’ll be a runaway success, but I think it’s a good sportscar, something that we need more of in this world.

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