Who’s slept in their car, and if you do it semi frequently, what are your tips and tricks for a good nights sleep away from your bed.

I sleep in my car about half a dozen times a year, but I’ve always done it. I used to have sleepovers in the back of my family suburban in the garage for the helluvit when i was kid. Then I spent a week living out of a 1st gen RAV4 just to see if I could. These days its because i tend to get a much better nights sleep off the ground and out of the wind in the back of my truck.

It usually looks a lot like this

I have to take out the middle seats on account of the fact that the cruiser isn’t actually that long and there isn’t room to lay down with the seats tumbled forward, Once I do though its pretty room. A few things that I do to make it pleasant is to keep all my stuff I wear under a blanket if I can for the cold mornings. I also make sure to keep my keys obvious and handy in case I do something stupid like try and lock it with the keys still inside. Also, I have something like these

For letting the breeze in without letting the bugs in, I like em, but I bought some neodymium magnets to help seal the edges.


You can also get reflectix and cut to shape to help with light/heat.

as seen in the windows here.

I would eventually like to put some drawers in the back of the truck so I don’t have to unload the entire thing to sleep in there, but one step at a time.


So you, what do you do if you have to spend a night in the car? Does it work? any tips you’ve found to make life easier when you do?